Friday, October 29, 2010


Actually I have two. I took Jordi to the ocean, today, for the first time in weeks he was out of the hospital and house and depressing surroundings. He loved it. Sat himself down, right in front of the water, and a scantily clad blonde and just enjoyed the view. It was great seeing him a bit happier.

The second thing that gave me a bit of pleasure was making a walking stick for our neighbor, Shavone. He's going to dress as an old man, for Halloween, and didn't have a cane or walking stick. So I found a great stick, in the dog park, and fiddled with it, painted and stuck skulls and bones and 'eyes of newt' on it. Kind of great way to distract myself.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The push to find a daily delight

It's been months since I've been on this blog. But I figure there's no time like now to begin my push to find a daily delight, daily and to post it. Every now and then I may have to insert a daily drag but will try to keep them to a minimum.

Here's an HUGGGGGGEEEEE daily delight when I talk to my friends, almost every day I speak to a good friend or family member and it makes me so happy. Sometimes it doesn't seem like I'm happy because I'm weepy but that means that I feel comfortable enough with my them to do that, weep and when I weep (which may also be a delight) it's kind of cathartic. So that's it.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010