Monday, December 29, 2008

Purring Cat

Dailure, there's something very calming about holding a cat, in your arms or watching one, which is sleeping and purring at the same time. 

Friday, December 26, 2008

I would like to see mountains!  Living in Florida is nice but the landscape is, well there is very little landscape.  Palm trees look like telephone polls, even with holiday lights strung on them.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Daily Drag-12/25/08
Christmas....Bah Humbug!  There's something in the air and it's not the snow in Miami.  There's a feeling of impending doom.  What's going to happen in 2009?  How many more jobs will be lost?  How many more people will not be able to keep their homes?  

Monday, December 22, 2008

Shopping Malls are a Drag

Daily Drag
I would say being in a shopping mall around the holidays qualifies being under the 'Daily Drags' category. Because I'm lazy and a procrastinator I get what I deserve; suffering with the throngs of other lazy and procrastinator type of people. And people were NOT in a good mood today. I detected quite a lot of tension, wonder if it has anything to do with the ECONOMY? Duh.

Elisabet's arrival

Elisabet arrived from Spain last Thursday!

Grandmother's Plates

Okay, these aren't MY grandmother's plates but I wanted an image.  Last night we had friends for dinner and we used some of my grandmother Sherry's plates.  It really does give me pleasure to set the table with them.  They are always a conversation starter and people really enjoy eating off of them. 
Isn't it pretty?  It is and it's happening all the northwest and northeast.  But I'm living in Miami and this is without snow and not a bad place to be in December 2008.  

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Last night I had the most wonderful Chinese food.  It was a first after having lived in Miami for 10 years I had all but given up of ever finding a good Chinese restaurant.  My faith has been restored!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Pulse Art Fair, one of the two-hundred satellite shows of Art Basel, was really interesting.  We went to about ten fairs and it didn't cost a penny (I had entrance tickets).  I so love this time of year in Miami!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday giving????

Holiday Gift Giving.  I'm wondering, what with the falling economy, what simple things people are planning on for the holidays?  Please post your ideas.  

Glad to be back

It's been so long since I've looked at this blog.  It made me so happy to see that it was still there!  It's amazing.  Truth is I've really missed it.  Glad I'm back.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Temperature Correction

I was eyesight must be failing....the 16 degrees today looked like 18 degrees. And it sure felt like 18 not 16! hahaha
But I did my warm home, with food on my table and a sense of direction.

As I anticpipate the next holiday and the return of my daughter and her beloved doxie from Arizona, the time when my MN daughter will stick around the house and the relaxation in my 13 yr old sons expression, I realize just how lucky I am.

The times surrounding us are stressful for all. Imagine how someone without a home, without regular meals and a loving family must be dealing with the economic times. I am strongly encouraging my husband and children to spend December 24 in a soup kitchen with me, serving those less fortunate. Those without family or friends to take them in on a night that most of us take for granted.

I hope that we will all return with a new found awareness and love and admiration for each other after seeing "the real world". Seeing how blessed we actaully are would be a blessing in and of itself.

What will you do to make the upcoming Holidays better for someone less fortunate than yourself? Regardless of the holiday that we each celebrate, it is a time that brings much despair to so many. I believe that the gratification in reaching out to others will return to you three fold.

Cool Crisp Morning here

Temperature is a balmy 18 degrees. Time for Uggs and a cup of tea.
I find that the morning is a good time to collect my thoughts (yes, I have some)
and put proverbial pen to paper via my computer.

I have a project due on or before Dec 28. With the activity surrounding that date,
prior and after, I think I had better get on it.

Beep, Beep, Beep. My Raspberry Tea is calling. And I will heed the call. How ca I resist?
It may be my last few moments in peace.
Although it is this familial chaos that gives me energy and reason for being.
These Uggs are toasty!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

So glad that it's over...

Just tuned in to Hopes Blog after a long absence.
I must admit that there are as many opinions regarding the
recent election as there are people that you ask.
I for one, am glad that it is over.
The nonstop campaign phone calls.
The incessant tv commercials.
Here in Minnesota, the results for Senator
are still unclear. And the mud slinging spared noone.
Steer clear unless youwant to be splattered.
Like I said, I am just glad that it is over.

Hopefully, we can move forward as one and have positive
results for our country.

Hope says she becomes nostalgic for Fall in the Midwest.
Well, our Fall is becoming chilly. We have had some sleet in MN
and a dusting of shortlived snow.
However, the cool nights and sunny, but cool days are so refreshing.
I like to layer my clothes during this time of year. It can start out chilly in the
morning and be no-coat weather by 3pm.
Everything is crisp and the smells do seem to come alive (in a good way!)
It is a nice change of season for us. I rely on change of clock is
just set that way.

Looking forward to a peaceful and united future. Cool, crips temps,too.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes we did!!!!!!!!!!!! The moment, 11:02 (EST) when Barack Obama's presidency was announced.  He is the first African American to be elected President of the United States.  The thrill and emotion, unexplainable.  He is the 44th President and I don't think my children will ever forget watching him on television, when he stood in the band shell, at Grant Park in Chicago and told the world that what some people thought an insurmountable challenge happened, the USA elected an African American. There were so many faces: Black, white, Asian, Latino, young, old, celebs (Oprah and Jessie Jackson) in the crowd.  The moment defined his candidacy.  With composure that he endured for 22 months, he spoke to the people, and 'thanked' them for their support.  He spoke of the challenges ahead, and asked for their continued help in 'uniting' the country and helping to make it strong, again.  It makes me truly proud, again, to be an American.
Obama Victory Sparks Cheers Around the World
Across the globe, in concert halls and ballrooms, in plazas and beach parties and busy streets, the citizens of the world hailed the election of Barack Obama as a stroke for racial equality and voiced hopes his presidency would herald a more balanced, less confrontational America.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hope's Dailure:

I went to one of the Obama campaign offices, in the Design District, with my friend, Carol, and we made tons of phone calls to voters. What a thrill it was to hear, "I've already voted for Obama, early" or "I'm going to be at the polls at 7:30 on election day and yes I'm voting for Obama."  There's such passion.  I heard, from one of the 'Team Members for Obama', who came from Massachussetts that there are eight Danish students here, came all the way from Denmark, even though they can't vote, to work for Obama.  They call them the Danes for Change.  I love it!  Please if there ever was a god I'm hoping he/she can hear me now, please let Obama win!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Daily Drag:

Reading the polls four days before Election Day!  They're wacky.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hope's Dailure:

Living in Miami one has to deal with no seasons.  It's really not as bad as they say; although I do not have a sense of time, there are no 'early' springs, or "particularly beautiful falls", but there are 'wonderful, cool, nights'.  We had one last night and we slept with the windows open, and the breeze and cool temps (50 ish) made sleeping blissful.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hope's Dailure

Bar none autumn is my favorite time of year. Having grown up in the north (Milwaukee) I will never forget the wonders of autumn: Smells, colors, crisp air. And oh that home-cooking! My mother baked bread and made the BEST lentil soup. I now live in Florida. Obviously not the same. But now that 'winter' is on its' way I can feel the nip in the air and it makes me nostalgic.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hope's Dailure

Planting new flowers and creating our 'Victory Garden' filled with tomatoes and spinach.  Yum!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008

Betsy's Da-rag of the moment

I don't want to watch any more politics on TV, but I have become addicted. Is there a rehab program for an addiction to politics? Before this election, I was a healthy, happy semi-apathetic person. Now I am hooked. I need HELP!!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hope's Dailure

This is going to sound so Birckenstockie-treehugging-earthy-crunchy-nutty but we haven't had a television for over a month (they've been fixing our roof so the cable is down) and it's been wonderful. I think when there's so much wallpaper noise it's hard to really hear things that are beautiful. For example classical music. It takes on an entirely different nuance. I am really appreciating listening to talk radio so much more and am able to understand (a bit) what it was like BEFORE tv, how one must use their imaginations so much more, picturing the face behind the voice or the different environments from which reports are coming. My kids complain that "we need" a tv. But I don't think so.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Hope's Dailure.

Sometimes there is nothing better than an ice-cream cone. My favorite flavors, together, are chocolate and peanut butter and chocolate and coffee. MMMMMM good.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

NOW they want a bailout???!!!

Sleep da-rag

Why is it that when you're sleepy during the day, you don't have time to sleep. When you finally get to go to bed, you are suddenly wide awake and then you lie around for hours, unable to sleep. Then you're tired all day long, you don't take a nap so you'll sleep at night and what happens? Wide awake at bedtime. It ain't fair, I tell ya....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

It was truly exciting being at the Women For Obama rally yesterday. He is incredibly charasmatic but more importantly he spoke on the issues: The financial crisis, health care, tax cuts, tuition help, education and pro-choice. He's also great looking!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hope's Dailure.

I'm going to see Barack Obama today! He's speaking at UM.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hope's Dailure.

My great pleasure today was donating money to PP in Sarah Palin's honor.

Hope's Dailure

No explanation needed!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NPR stands for Neo Public Radio

Hope's Daily Drag

What's going on with NPR. I feel like 'they' are turning traitor. All I hear is s--- about the GOP and Sarah Palin. I'm sick sick sick of it. I thought they were supposed to be a "fair and balanced" PUBLIC radio station. I contribute but am thinking of putting that money to better use!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Awww... come on. Wouldn't seeing this face every morning make you happy??

Hope's DA-RAG (Daily Drag).

I have a hard time with people who don't listen, who pretend to listen but are really just thinking about what they are going to say next.

Hope's Dailure.

Sorry vegans and vegetarians but sometimes there's nothing better than a big, fat, juicy CHEESEBURGER!!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hope's Dailure

One of my true great daily pleasures is a FOOT Massage!

Chuck Netzow's Daily pleasures and Daily Drags:

When The New Yorker arrives.
Dinner at home with wife.
Going out to dinner after a good movie.
The afternoon pot of Earl Grey while reading the current book and listening to quiet music.
Weekly phone calls to distant children.
Breakfast with the newspaper.
Watching the action at the bird feeder.
Planning house improvements.
Winning at bridge.
Seeing friends.
Admirable musical performances.
Old world cities.
Inventive architecture of any age.
The prescription drugs that seem to be keeping me alive.
Country air
Jon Stewart
Stephen Colbert
Bill Maher sometimes

Emptying dehumidifier.
Straightening out Dish network failures.
Trying to imagine what I've done to the computer.
Car repairs.
Junk mail.
Losing at bridge.
Unopenable packages.
Letters from non-profits asking if I've received their "free gift" (a calendar, more
address labels).
Letters from pols including a slanted "questionaire".
Planned obsolescence generally.
Abrupt disappearance of favorite brands.
Ad writers constant admiration of luxury.
The very idea of a chocolate martini.
Wondering why I can't have 50 cent pieces.
Having two drops of salad dressing on every tie I own.
Folk songs and foik singers. Bill
Rush Limbaugh

I have to stop. This list might never end.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hope's Daily Drag:

I really don't like to wake up and read the newspaper, during hurricane season!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Good news!

Ok... I can't think of anything better than receiving good news. In the last 24 hours, there are two examples I can relay:

1. Hurricane Gustav was NOT as bad as had been predicted. THAT is good news.
2. On a very personal level, when someone you love has an aggressive form of cancer and you get GOOD news (the scans are clear!!!)... let me tell you... there just ain't nothin' better than that! Time for a celebratory dinner!

Oh... I need to add "celebratory dinner" to my list of pleasures!

Darrell's Simple Pleasures:

My simple pleasures:
1. California wineries
2. Listening to Van Morrison
3. A well executed basketball assist
4. My wife's pasta primavera
5. Completing handyman jobs
6. Watching my son's changing height
7. Laughing with my brothers
8. Books on tape
9. The gym
10. A cold Kirin lager

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The 'Blogging Guru' has made a great suggestion. Part of the 'simple pleasure' blog should include an opportunity for people to vent. Not major grievances, just minor, daily drags. For example:

1. When letting somebody move into a lane of traffic it really irks me when they don't wave 'thanks'
2. When my husband thinks I'm done eating and there's a little piece of something that I really want he'll finish it before giving me first right of refusal.
3. When I go an entire day with something between my teeth and NOBODY tells me
4. When my children yell at me

I guess I could go on forever but will stop here.

I hope you will contribute to the Daily Drag Poll.



Friday, August 29, 2008

V pleasures

Victoria's Simple Pleasures (in no particular order):
Playing with a child.
Getting a shampoo or massage!
Sleeping with my cat snuggled next to me (extra points if it is a nap during a storm!)
Having a really good workout.
Wine-- the smell, the taste, the look, everything.
A new book from one of the authors I follow waiting for me at the library.
Feeling healthy!
A clean house.
Playing with a puppy.
A homemade cheeseburger with grilled Vidalia onion on a toasted Kaiser with dijon and ketchup!
Getting together with the girls in Milwaukee!
Helping someone.


Last spring I had the opportunity to attend the National Art Education conference in New Orleans. I was able to see the devastation that hit that city. Three years later things there is still so much work to be done. There are neighborhoods, ninth ward and St. Bernard Parish where demolished houses still stand. Skeletal structures, which used to be houses, still stand, with the 'X's above the doors, signifying the amount of bodies recovered after the storm.

Part of my visit included a screening of the documentary, Katrina's Children. On this third anniversary of the most devastating natural disaster that has hit our country I am reminded of the people who suffered the most, the children. If you have the opportunity please see this movie. Remember who was affected the most and what we can do to help bring about change!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hope's Dailure:

This isn't a daily pleasure but I really enjoyed listening to the Democratic convention speakers last night. I was moved by Michelle Obama's speech!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Just one

I enjoy reading a charm bracelet I have that says:

Live the Life you Love
Love the Life you Live

It reminds me daily to appreciate everything
that I have.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Simple Pleasures that I take Joy in Today:

1. Snuggling up with our daughters Malti-pom at night
2. Walking 2.7 miles with no pain in my knees
3. Celebrating 25 years of marriage in June
4. Being happy about celebrating 25 years of marriage!
5. Making a commitment to my health
6. Loosing 4 inches off my waist as a result of my commitment to health
7. Watching my Aunt with Alzheimers be her old self when she played with the retired     greyhound at her Assisted Living Home. (Bless her soul)
8. Having evolved enough to enjoy the simple pleasures each day brings ;-)
9. Did I mention my kids?  23, 20 and 13.  Today they bring simple pleasures....tomorrow they   could be bringing home more dogs! (Especially my 23 yr old, who has two already....,and           moved  home!!)
10. Knowing that tomorrow is a new day and I can follow my dreams

Hope's list of detestable chores:

1. Cleaning the filters on the air conditioning vent
2. Cleaning behind the toilets
3. Folding laundry
4. Unloading the dishwasher

I know this is supposed to be a blog with lists of simple pleasures but I just couldn't resist. I mean, after all, my days aren't ALL full of simple pleasures!

Hope's Dailure:

I really enjoy watching my husband, Jordi, work with his aquariums. He's reading all about the fish and plants which are 'living' in our house.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hope's Dailure:

1. Listening to rain on the roof, at night, in bed.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Antonio Zangaglia's Simple Pleasures:

From across the Atlantic Ocean, (by the Adriatic Sea), here's a slightly different outlook on the pleasures of everyday life:
Thank god it's 5 a.m. at last. I can get up and start get moving again!
Driving to work although it's a weekend day (it seems like I can't find myself a decent, regular hobby like everybody else!).
Finding out that, unlike most other qualities, common sense grows with age.
Discovering, to my utmost surprise, that my wife Cinzia might actually be wiser than I am.
Discovering (with a little fatherly disappointment but great relief indeed) , that my 20-year old son Marco might actually be less daredevil than I was at his age.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We saw the movie Christina, Vicky, Barcelona last night. I really enjoyed it and think it's one of the better Woody Allen movies I've seen in a long time. The cast included: Javier Bardem, Scarlet Johansson, Penelope Cruz. Eye candy!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Philip Yenawine's Simple Pleasures:

Okay, okay....
1. My son consulting me on life issues
2. Seeing him as wonderful parent
3. Kisses from my granddaughter, blown or planted
4. The New Yorker
5. The New York Times crossword puzzles
6. Getting better at Spanish

okay Hope, since I also believe the beauty in life is in the details, here are mine...
1. Cappucino at the French Bakery early in the morning
2. My daughters smiling or laughing (about anything)
3. NPR
4. A soulful moment/conversation with a friend
5. A really great, long, hard bike ride to Key Biscayne
6. Anything mother nature makes

Robyn Wolf

Cordelia's List:

1. Looking at the stars while swimming the backstroke every morning at 5:00
2. Listening to the violin being played on the metro rail by an individual with cerebral palsy
3. Laughing with my niece
4. Learning from a growing plant

Cordelia Faye

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hope's added pleasure:

1. Taking a dance class, 2x a week, with my daughters, Sophie and Elisabet. What a joy!

Monday, August 11, 2008

victors list *1girls!
4.hanging out with freinds
5.being out doors
6.jack!$$ stunts

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Renee's simple pleasures:

A bitter sweet summer makes me appreciate:
1. Opening the front door to a sunny, hot morning and the Rocky Mountain news on my porch.
2. Savouring my 15 minutes of coffee time alone before the day begins.
3. Watching my father make it through another day.
4. Seeing my daughter appreciate her first 800 page book.
5. How Harley Davidson has such a grip on my husband!!!

Margaret's Simple Pleasures

1. The euphoria after a tough work out.
2. Watching sail boats race, especially if my children are sailing them.
3.  Making the first footsteps in fresh snow.
4.  Learning something new.
5. Reading.
6. Eating vanilla ice cream with fresh, super juicy peaches in August.
7. Taking pictures.
8. Watching my children as they finally "get it".
9. Hugging my husband.
10. A nice glass of wine.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Our endeavors that treasure our daily pleasures

Good days are brought by good hearted people.

My mornings include a small dog that sleeps more then I do sometimes and a woman who is very special to me. Here is a small list of what we all enjoy.

1. Having a tea and being outside if its not snowing with a smoke.
2. Walking around and tidying up the house here and there
3. Calling the Girlfriend to make sure she got to work on time and making a plan for the day
4. Reheating my tea as it is cold at this point now
5. Making the bed and maybe stare at my phone to see if there is any one else I should call... usually no one.
6. Thinking about my dog that is at my mothers who I miss and wish I could have him with me but he is a happy pup with mom... for now I guess. (my dog is very important to me)
7. Looking at my watch as time for me shortens but I still do not seem to get it into gear.
8. Sitting on the couch ignoring the fact that I have to get ready in about two minutes or I will be late.
9. Finding something else to procrastinate with ....
10. Noticing I actually had something really important to do and rushing to accomplish it before I actually am late.
11. Getting dressed followed by forgetting I have to make a lunch. Then I try and rationalize not to make one because I can buy one but then I waste my pennies which could be saved.
12. Hurrying to make the damn lunch and get out of the house asap.
13. Having the rest of the cold tea in the car as I drive getting every red light possible
14. Making it to work with seconds to spare and getting on the computer to right my babe an email saying I made it to work on time and will see her at days end.
15. My girlfriend receiving the email. 

So those are some of my and a couple of her endeavors that treasure the daily pleasures in our life. There is a lot more within the week. Walking the two dogs and making long distance phone calls to family or cutting lawns for my family while spending time with them etc... I will leave it for another day.

What are yours??


Sophie's Simple Sweet Pleasures:

1. having a good dessert
2. being with friends
3. playing tennis well
4. listening to music
5. having animals around
6. painting my nails
7. dinner with my family
8. buying clothes
9. swimming
10. watching movies
11. reading

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The response to 'Simple Pleasures' has been wonderful.  I would encourage everyone to send out the blog site to all their friends and family.  I am not very good at putting images on the blog but if you can figure it out, please, by all means, attach one!

My simple pleasure for the day, or my 'dailure'(word combining daily and pleasure) includes getting into bed at night with a book that I am really enjoying.  Right now I'm reading The Story of Edgar Sawtell and I'm not REALLY enjoying it.  But because it's for our book group, which meets on Sunday I am pushing myself.  What a difference a good book makes!

Amended August 12...Went to book group on Sunday and the facilitator drew from Hamlet. The paralells were so interesting. I found the book to be so much better after hearing those connections!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ronald's Simple Pleasures

5:Hanging out with Friends
7:The Beach

Alan's SImple Pleasures

1. being loved
2. family
3. chuck norris
4. chocolate
5. tennis
6. soccer
7. friends 
8. phone
9. video games
10. youtube

Hope's new dailure

I received a gift certificate for a 'spa' day at one of the local House of Put-Yourself-Together, so I went and got a mani-pedi and a facial and then I'd had enough and noticed there was a schedule for dance classes.  I was so excited because it said, "Street Dance".  I took this to mean it wasn't:  Pilates, aerobics, yoga, kick-boxing, etc... I thought, 'great a unadulterated dance class', a class for
'pure' movement, with music.  Something where I don't have to worry about whether I'm 'hitting' my abs, butt, upper biceps, lower biceps, quads, blah, blah, blah.  

I dragged my 17 year old daughter and the woman teaching the class, probably in her 60's, with tatoos ALL over her body, came out and in a raspy, whisky-like, voice, proclaimed to be our teacher.  There were only four in the class.  But when she put on the music and started moving, with eyes closed, I knew I was home.  I LOVED IT!  And so did my daughter.  In spite of the fact that neither one of us knew what we were doing and we were tripping over one another we had a wonderful time!

What a pleasure!  We are going back.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Pam's list (amended)

I thought of another simple pleasure today: the smell of clean laundry as you fold it (guess why…I only have about 8 more loads to go…but at least this train of thought has led to it being a more pleasurable sensation!)

Pam's List

1.At the top of my list is being with my family ON VACATION because normally we all go different ways.
2. sorry to be like Hope and Sally, but that first sip of coffee with the morning paper is sublime.
3. sitting with Dennis on our outward facing love-seat each night watching the sun set while we drink a bottle of wine
4. running while the morning breaks
5. cooking big meals for an appreciative family (plus girlfriends)
6. watching my kids play sports
7. watching Charlie play guitar and sing his own songs

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Josh's Simple Pleasures (age 15)

Falling asleep to a movie
Playing tennis
Blasting the radio in my room
First sip of oj in the morning
Watching new movies with friends

Chris's Simple Pleasures (age 16)

1. Playing tennis
2. Hanging out with friends
3. Spending the night watching movies with a bag of candy
4. Going out for a drive by the beach
5. Finding the cheapest gas
6. Being out on the water

From Elisabet (age 17)

1. Blasting a good song on in the car
2. The first sip of orange Juice in the morning
3. lounging on a floating device in the pool
4. waking up to text messages or phone calls from friends
5. Buying a cute dress and then wearing it out
6. checking my facebook and seeing comments or messages
7. Hearing my mom say she's proud of me
8. mixing cereals with fruit
9. Watching back to back episodes of Lost with my little sister

I love listening to music, everyday, and I forgot to put that in my original list.

Hollis' Heavenly list of Simple Pleasures

1. Smelling the flowers (Ha! Making you laugh.)
2. Provoking a gut-busting laugh from Spencer-man.
3 Reading my people magazine every week.
4. Having Mike unexpectedly offer to let me sleep in while he gets Spencer.
5. Having my family all together. (Parents, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, etc.)
6. Listening to Wait Wait (Not to copy you or anything.)
7. Still fitting in to a size 4 when I try on shorts or pants.
8. Settling into a movie with a big bag of popcorn
9. Hearing from an old friend via e-mail.
10. A great dish of guacamole accompanied by an equally good margarita
11. Getting together with my old writing group to talk, but also to write and laugh.