Saturday, January 22, 2011


This chemotherapy is a bit of a nightmare. But the alternative, well don't want to go there, but Jordi has been running a low grade fever. It hasn't gotten to the point where he needs to go to the, dare I say it, hospital, yet again. He has been feeling a bit rotten and has been sleeping a lot. I did speak to the doctor who took blood and his "platelets were normal, again". The information is so up and down.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dailure-A clean scan

Jordi started chemotherapy and was unable to go for round 2 because his "platelet count was low". He's also been having stomach issues so the doc didn't want to risk it. Onc wanted a cat scan and he had one, yesterday, which proved to be "clean". Agh, nothing like that relief, to make my day a better one. Now if we can just get his platelet count up. Not sure how one does that but I will investigate.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Spending the day with Elisabet doing a little window shopping and having some lunch,just talking, without any time constraint. I loved it.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dailure-Global Business Forum 2011

I suppose this counts as a dailure, although it may just be a 1/2 year delight, as we've now completed the first panel discussion for the Global Business Forum, 2011. As the coordinator and co-moderator I can say it was a success, with a minor bump, because one of the panelists, the only PAID panelists, who we flew in from Boston, and put up in a very fancy hotel, was pretty awful. But the rest of the panel was great! I was expecting, maybe 10-20 people, max, to show up (my family being half that group) and there were 300. Imagine my surprise! And I even led the group in a rousing VTS discussion. It was pretty funny because the image, I chose, for the discussion, was Judith and Holfernes. Judith, in the image at the Lowe, is one which shows Judith's breast exposed, so when I posited the first question, 'What's going on here?" someone from the audience said, "she's about to have a mammogram". Seeing as how it was a conference on health it was pretty funny. I felt that the panel was made up of enough diverse backgrounds to make it really interesting: a dean of the medical school, co-founder of VTS, medical student, museum educator and chair/prof. of the physical therapy school, at UM. And I was correct. The mix of minds and different perspectives on education made it interesting. Not everyone was in agreement but that was good. I just wish that our guest panelist had had her act together. I learned a lot. I learned how important it is, whatever one is doing, to practice, a lot. And if you are trying to pull a group of people together it's important, no essential, for all of them to meet and converse BEFORE an event.

Monday, January 10, 2011


I'm sort of back into a cooking phase and I find it so relaxing. Lately it's been a combination of different kinds of quiches. Today I made a spinach, Emmanthal, onion, mushroom quiche and a spinach, mushroom, onion and salmon (with dill) quiche and they came out so nice and poofy. That's because I used cream, instead of milk (not a calorie in a car-load) but oh so good!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Family gathering is what made this holiday special. Maybe it's because 2010 was such a horrific year that made our family feel more family-like and that's what was especially poignant about this holiday's get-together. I'm not sure it was the merriest of holidays but we were together; mother, father, grandmother, grandfather and all the 'little' ones, ate together, watched movies together, fought together and really had a nice time, for the most part. I'm not sure we really understood how meaningful it was, the fact that my children were able to spend that much time with their grandparents and parents, probably wasn't "so great" for the teenagers, at the time, but will inevitably, have greater significance as time marches on.

My hope, wish, dream for 2011 is that we get through the next six months, without too much trauma, and we continue to understand and APPRECIATE how important health is. For without it we are rendered invalids, from head to toe.

Happy 2011 to all and may this year bring you continued good health.


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