Saturday, December 18, 2010


Waking up after a night of a bit too much of everything! I am in a fog and feel like I am wasting a day.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Dailrag - Shopping! (from Julie)

When it reaches the point that even the mannequins have surrendered to the holiday shopping chaos, one knows it has gone on long enough!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

DAILRAG-animal hair

we have a dog, a cat, a rabbit, some fish and I'm sure a gazillion cockroaches and mice (thank god I hardly ever see those critters). But I do see, all over the house, everywhere, cat and dog hair. I sit in it. I wear it. And I sometimes eat it, not intentionally. But it's driving us all mad. We have several of those rolly lint removing thing a ma bobs but they take the hair off, sort of, and then five minutes later more hair. The hair is everywhere, and the more I vacuum, the more it appears. It's like spontaneous generation of hair! My husband even went so far as to say, "let's get rid of the dog". That was like saying, "let's get rid of our first born child". It cut me to the core. But I'll tell you when you're eating a sandwich, and you pick up a napkin and wipe your mouth and it fills up with dog hair there's a moment when I say, maybe we SHOULD get rid of the dog.... and the cat...and the rabbit. There's gotta be a better way. Hair today hair tomorrow.


We went to the oncologist yesterday. He said "no treatment until after the holidays". He wants to make sure J's blood infections are completely cleared. Apparently whatever it was they extracted from J's pancreas was a complete anomaly. Most docs have rarely to never seen one like it, which makes prescribing treatment difficult, at best. So here we are, in the dark, again, and the discomfort level remains at orange. Not only that but Jordi's tumor markers are "elevated". And I don't know WTF a tumor marker is! So now I will have to go and Google it. The good news is Jordi's appetite has come back, full force, he's even drinking Ensure, which he disliked, at first. As the wise blogger guru says, "one day at a time".

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dailure-lunch with friends

Yesterday, one of the docents, from the art museum, had a lunch, for her good friends. It was so nice! The house was decorated, all holidayish, and there was good food; dips, cheeses, a walnut-blue cheese salad, and a quiche, made from puff-pastry, cheese, rosemary and ham. We drank champagne and talked into the wee hours of the afternoon. What a great escape!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Cold air! In Florida, where alligators rule and mosquitos bite, it's rare to have blasts of cold air, for days on end. This morning it is 33 degrees ( with wind chill factor) . Not a big deal if you are wearing a down jacket, gloves and a hat. Not so sure Cleo appreciates it tho. This AM when I took her out to pee her first swipe at it left her a bit stunned. She squatted, lifted herself up, quickly and looked at me as if to say, ' who turned off the heat'. Then she searched around hoping to find warmer blades of grass. What next snow??? That would be heavenly.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Drailrag: no more almond butter

Life in the a.m. just isn't the same without my slice of wheat bread with almond butter and honey. Small things can be big things, can't they?

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I do love the game of tennis. Played two sets today and was totally exhausted but I love that kind of exhaustion. I played with a friend, who always beats me. But the day was one of the most spectacular I've seen; 70 degrees, no humidity and a crystal, clear, blue sky. Can't get much better for a day!

Dailure: Friday night with friends

End of the week. The usual last minute "come on over!" and I do. I bring Ruby Red Grapefruit and craisin salad, and add my steamed asparagus to the pasta with cheesy cream sauce. Glass of wine. Talk about the politics of the week.

Perfect. Warm. Just right.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Getting up rally early, 4:45, on a very chilly morning, to walk, only to be stood up. Argh, the frustration! This is not the first time she has done this to me.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dailure and Dailrag

The fact that Jordi is home from the hospital makes me very happy. He got home last night and he's a lot better; his color is good, he's gained 11 pounds and he has his mind back. He can read and focus, watch television and write. It's all very exciting for him after almost 8 weeks of thinking he'd totally lost his mind. Nothing would stick, he was agitated and in distress. I would imagine that after 55 years of having control over things and suddenly not, would be very very distressing. But the cloud has lifted (thank you no more medications).

The dailrag is the docs still don't know why he's getting infections. They've put their heads together, scratched them and come up with bubkas. So he's home, with a port and will receive daily doses of anti-biotics, which will hopefully kill the little fuckers FOREVER!

The day is gorgeous, 72 degrees, with sunshine and no humidity. I have free tickets to the Art Basel satellite shows and we've already gone, to PULSE, which was fun, edgy, interesting, innovative and more down to earth than the convention center. That place is a zoo. It's filled with art that is supposedly "cutting edge". Nine times out of ten it bores me to death. At least the younger artists, hungry ones, are doing more interesting things. That's my opinion. So today we'll check out SCOPE.

Fun fun fun.