Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hope's Dailure

This is going to sound so Birckenstockie-treehugging-earthy-crunchy-nutty but we haven't had a television for over a month (they've been fixing our roof so the cable is down) and it's been wonderful. I think when there's so much wallpaper noise it's hard to really hear things that are beautiful. For example classical music. It takes on an entirely different nuance. I am really appreciating listening to talk radio so much more and am able to understand (a bit) what it was like BEFORE tv, how one must use their imaginations so much more, picturing the face behind the voice or the different environments from which reports are coming. My kids complain that "we need" a tv. But I don't think so.

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Anonymous said...

Crunch away, Hopie!