Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes we did!!!!!!!!!!!! The moment, 11:02 (EST) when Barack Obama's presidency was announced.  He is the first African American to be elected President of the United States.  The thrill and emotion, unexplainable.  He is the 44th President and I don't think my children will ever forget watching him on television, when he stood in the band shell, at Grant Park in Chicago and told the world that what some people thought an insurmountable challenge happened, the USA elected an African American. There were so many faces: Black, white, Asian, Latino, young, old, celebs (Oprah and Jessie Jackson) in the crowd.  The moment defined his candidacy.  With composure that he endured for 22 months, he spoke to the people, and 'thanked' them for their support.  He spoke of the challenges ahead, and asked for their continued help in 'uniting' the country and helping to make it strong, again.  It makes me truly proud, again, to be an American.

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Anonymous said...

You know... it feels good simply to FEEL good again! Time will tell if Obama can do all (or even some) of the things he hopes he can do, but right now... restoring our faith is a HUGE step forward.