Thursday, December 4, 2008

Temperature Correction

I was eyesight must be failing....the 16 degrees today looked like 18 degrees. And it sure felt like 18 not 16! hahaha
But I did my warm home, with food on my table and a sense of direction.

As I anticpipate the next holiday and the return of my daughter and her beloved doxie from Arizona, the time when my MN daughter will stick around the house and the relaxation in my 13 yr old sons expression, I realize just how lucky I am.

The times surrounding us are stressful for all. Imagine how someone without a home, without regular meals and a loving family must be dealing with the economic times. I am strongly encouraging my husband and children to spend December 24 in a soup kitchen with me, serving those less fortunate. Those without family or friends to take them in on a night that most of us take for granted.

I hope that we will all return with a new found awareness and love and admiration for each other after seeing "the real world". Seeing how blessed we actaully are would be a blessing in and of itself.

What will you do to make the upcoming Holidays better for someone less fortunate than yourself? Regardless of the holiday that we each celebrate, it is a time that brings much despair to so many. I believe that the gratification in reaching out to others will return to you three fold.

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Hope Torrents said...


It's great that you put that out there. I also am interested to know what others are 'giving' over this holiday. I'm hoping that people will post it on the blog. Our family will also be helping out in a shelter. We have done it before, when they were a lot younger, and have lost a bit of perspective on the world. Hope all is well.