Tuesday, November 24, 2009


What am I thankful for; a lot, starting with my eldest child, who came home, then comes #2; Sophie, she just got home from Haiti, where she found the experience to be, "life altering". And then there's Daniel, who, when 'pushed', can be one of the most charming men I know, after my husband, Jordi, of course, who will rub my sore back, for hours, and knows just where to 'get' the hurting spots. Schmaltzy? Probably, but in these tough times (and in good times) I don't forget what truly makes me happy.


Sally said...

No, not schmaltzy...perfectly said. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jordi, Elizabet, Sophie and Daniel.

Your friendly, neighborhood Blog guru said...

You got it right on the money, Hope. Happy Thanksgiving to you and to yours, and of course, same to you, Sally!

Hope Torrents said...

And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.