Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dailure - Hope's Quiche

Julie and I made your quiche this weekend and it was delicious! We added jalapeno for a Texas kick. YUM!

PS Julie has been trying to post this dailure on your blog, but we're having trouble. She's a follower now, but there is no place for her to click "new post". It keeps asking her to create a blog. Does she have to do that before being able to post to this blog?


Hope Torrents said...

Tell Julie to send me her email address and I will put her on as a contributor. The quiche looks lovely and very very yummy.

Hope Torrents said...

BTW the quiche isn't actually 'mine'. It's a combination of different recipes and the crust comes from the Moosewood cookbook.

Sally said...

Yes...but you combined the I give you credit. It was SO good and I have more for today.