Thursday, May 20, 2010

VTS training

I have been asked to go to Atlanta, Ga., on May 31st, to train a bunch of teachers, in VTS, for four days. I do like to train! I also appreciate the money I make doing it.


Sally said...

Good for you Hope! I wish you were coming to Houston instead of Atlanta.

Hope Torrents said...

I love doing these gigs. The money is nice but it's a lot of fun and incredibly rewarding to see that people are using this method. We're trying to spread the good cheer, here, in S. Florida. I made a presentation, to the Florida Arts Alliance, in Palm Beach, last weekend with a middle school teacher. He did most of the work and put together the most awesome presentation. I absolutely was blown away at how articulate and thoughtful he was and that a group of middle school teachers has taken VTS and run run run away with it. It's so great.