Monday, November 21, 2011

Definitely will be a bittersweet Thanksgiving this year; dad's not around, Jordi will have surgery soon after the holiday, but Elisabet is in town and the kids are anxious for the cook-a-thon, which will begin when my mother arrives.  She was supposed to get here today, 11/21/11, but she was transporting chef's knives, in her carry-on, and they wouldn't let her on the plane with them.  When she finally sorted that all out it was the dog carrier that couldn't be put onto the plane, too big, so they had to take the dog off of the plane.  So mom didn't make it today.  Hopefully, tomorrow, will bring her to Miami, so we can start cooking together.  Oh the thought of the smells that will permeate our house.....Yum!

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