Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Post-Surgery (definitely a Daily Drag or Yearly Drag)

So Jordi had surgery on December 5, 2011, with the hopes of finding the source of his recurring infections.  The surgeon told us that he'd actually "fixed the problem" and that Jordi wouldn't have any more infections (or at least that's what we heard).  However, Jordi's infectious disease doctor wasn't convinced and sure enough, almost a month later, Jordi landed back in the hospital, with not one, but TWO blood infections.  I won't even use the word 'frustration' because that doesn't begin to fit.  It's devastating!  It's been over a year and six hospital visits.  They continue to run tests that have been run over and over and over again and they continue to come up with bubkas.  It's a "medical mystery" and truth is I'm tired of hearing how "rare" his case is.  Because I'm afraid.  I'm afraid that they'll run out of antibiotics or that he'll develop a resistance to them or that he'll wait too long for the infection to take over his body.  The fucking shitty part of it all is they got the damn cancer.  Right now he's cancer free but these blood infections....they could kill him.

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