Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Daily Constitutionals

I've started walking, in the mornings, again.  I walk with my neighbor, Rita, every morning at 5:00 AM. Surprisingly I'm less tired at night, have more energy.  Not to sound fanatical or anything but I'm a fanatic about exercise.  If I miss it for a couple of days I really 'feel' it.  At the same time if I'm feeling blue or just lack energy, going out, and running for 40 minutes completely changes the way I feel.  Those endorphins....they should bottle 'em, sell 'em, make a fortune.  One of my kids needs to go into research!


Sally said...

Amen! I always feel so much better after exercising. The days when I need it most are the days that it is the hardest to get out there to do it, but it always pays off. Hurray for endorphins!

Hope Torrents said...

Now if I could only get my husband to subscribe to this 'medicine'. He thinks exercise means watching a golf tournament and yelling for his favorite player. At least he doesn't drink beer.