Friday, May 29, 2009

Daily Drag

This isn't a daily drag, it can be a monthly or monthsly drag, a cloud, which accompany's me wherever I go, at all times of day, the 'dark cloud' that I wake up and go to bed with. It almost 'hurts' sometimes; and the least provocation, a sad story, seeing someone else in pain, feeling the sting of mean words, can send me reeling. It can be a pit, in the bottom of my stomach or a lack of appetite. It's weight is stifling at times, my chest constricts and I have to remind myself to 'breathe'. Depression is no fun!


Sally said...

Hope...I had no idea you still deal with this on a regular basis. I remember you telling me that exercise is what saves you, but I didn't realize you have this cloud hanging over you almost constantly. You are one of the most positive people I know. How do you do it? Are things better today than last Friday? How long does it take to pull yourself out of it when things get really bad?

Hope Torrents said...

I don't really deal with it on a "regular" basis but every so often that cloud comes rolling in. I've learned how to handle it a bit better. I know it's there and it stays; sometimes for weeks sometimes for months, and if I exercise, get enough sleep and communicate with loved ones I can keep it at bay. It's no fun but I remain hopeful that 'this too shall pass'.