Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ellen Degeneres Show

I can't always watch it but I do like the Ellen Degeneres show; it's fun, as an interviewer, I think she asks, thoughtful and sometimes provocative questions and I do like it when she dances. I would actually like to be her, it would be fun and rewarding to be able to give away gobs of money to people who need it. She doesn't placate or get sophomoric like some talk show people. She's fresh, funny and fantastic!


Your friendly, neighborhood Blog guru said...

I agree Hope. Some days, when things are kind of rough for Joe and me, I need to see happiness or people having fun. It makes me feel better and is a good distraction.

Hope Torrents said...

Hey you, how are you? Haven't seen or heard from you on FB. Is everything okay? You seem a bit blue Betsy, Betsy Blue. Is Joe feeling alright?