Friday, August 7, 2009


I don't know if this constitutes a 'dailure' but day before yesterday I had a meeting with the Chairs of the undergraduate psychology and neuroscience departments.  They both "agreed" that somehow working in visits to the art museum and possibly "working it into their curriculum" in the future would be a "great idea".  It's all very exciting for the museum and VTS!  

Also really looking forward to going to Art museum at Harvard, in November, for a symposia on 'Art museums and medicine'. There will be speakers there from medicine and art museum, from different parts of the country.  Harvard medical school already has a program, which combines art and medicine.  I'm hoping the University of Miami will have the same. 

The image, The Reward of Cruelty, is one that the physical therapy students and faculty looked at and discussed, at length. 


Sally said...

Yes, that's a dailure! Hope, you must be so excited and so very proud of what you have accomplished by following your passion. I'm proud of you!

Your friendly, neighborhood Blog guru said...

How nice to see that little dog helping with the procedure!

Hopie... how long will you be in Boston?? Perhaps another mini-WeBe w/ Nanzo & Cyn and Deb Moon & moi??? Boston is only 40 minutes from PVD... think about it!!

Hope Torrents said...

Thank you Sally!