Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Daily Drag

Listening to some of the venom that the GOPs are spewing is really depressing.  Not only are there those who are trying to block Obama's attempt at health care reform (just because he's a Democrat and maybe even because he's black) but they are preaching to their kids that Obama's trying to "instill socialism".  Obama spoke to a group of high school students in Virginia, yesterday, and there was a broohaha over it.  There were parents across the country who were planning pulling their kids out of the class during his speech.  Some even took their kids out of school.  What is wrong with people!?  Isn't what these parents are doing just as bad as if he actually WERE preaching socialism.  Aren't they indoctrinating their children with their own warped thinking.  What's the message when you pull your child out of school bc you don't want him/her to "hear the President of the United States because you disagree"?  Shouldn't all children be exposed to different viewpoints so they can have the skills to make the CHOICE themselves as to whether or not they agree or disagree?  Or, are we creating a climate of hate and racism and the only way we can disagree is to shoot someone?  I mean really, carrying guns to a town hall meeting!  What the hell is that.

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