Thursday, December 3, 2009

Art Basel-Day #1

I went to Art Basel, at the Convention Center, on Miami Beach last night. It was 'VIP night'. I didn't much feel like a VIP. It's all about image! I never know what to look at; the people, all decked out, some of the men wearing skirts and wigs, the art, which can be overwhelming, because there's so much of it or my husband's face, looking at all of the above? Barbara Kruger (see image) is a featured artist this year. I did love seeing Kehinde Wiley's painting of Michael Jackson on top of a great white steed. But I always come away from Basel (at the convention center) feeling confused and somewhat miffed. Conceptual art, by its' nature, is confusing. But the price tags on some of the works (the lowest figure for a work, that I saw ran around $45,000) is baffling. I guess I should just stick to the smaller venues, where I seem to find works that 'speak' to me and I can somehow grasp the meaning.

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Your friendly, neighborhood Blog guru said...

Barbara Krueger! Haven't though of her in years!