Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dailure-Everglades National Park

5 hours, on a motor-cyle, today, going through Everglades National Park. It was lovely! Although I think I'm a bit 'old' for being on a motor-cycle for that many hours I loved being with my husband on a beautiful day (when everyone else was in the mall).


Sally said...

Sounds quite perfect! You do such fun things together.

Hope Torrents said...

It was fun although I felt as if I had been riding a horse for hours (and my feet are still vibrating). Jordi loves it and he doesn't have to talk. How was your 50th? I take it you haven't received our gifty just yet????

Sally said...

My 50th was quite lovely. I had a perfect day and now I'm on the countdown till Alexandra gets here today at 2:37.
Gifty???? Hope!!!! I thought you were kidding when you mentioned a gift in your e-mail. You weren't supposed to do that! But since you did, now I'll be waiting most impatiently to see what it is... :)