Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dailure and Dailrag

This effort to create a cross-disciplinary course/elective with the medical school(s) is very exciting! At the same time it's quite anxiety-producing. I am not sleeping well. I keep thinking of all the things that can go well (as well the things that I can f--k up!). It's a bit like bush-wacking and I know there are others, in my camp, who will help out (or are helping) and this is not a solo voyage, but I feel like I've taken on something big and I'm so small. It's all in the details ("god is in the details"). I am doing my homework, researching medical school program, which incorporate the arts, and speaking to others who have done or are doing the same, reading articles, planning, etc.. Will it be enough?! We have our first Roundtable meeting on February 23rd. Attendees include: two deans from the medical school, one assistant dean from the nursing school and the Chairs of the psychology and physical therapy departments, the Director of the museum and other parties. And I'm facilitating it! Shit.


Sally said... will not f--k up! This is perfect for you...this is what you believe in, what you're passionate about. You'll wow them, like you have in the past when you've given presentations on VTS. And...if it doesn't go as you'll learn from it, right???? a la JK Rowling

Hope Torrents said...

Thanks for the moral support Sally, I really appreciate it! I guess this would be comprable to my running a marathon. It's the training baby it's the training.