Sunday, January 2, 2011


Family gathering is what made this holiday special. Maybe it's because 2010 was such a horrific year that made our family feel more family-like and that's what was especially poignant about this holiday's get-together. I'm not sure it was the merriest of holidays but we were together; mother, father, grandmother, grandfather and all the 'little' ones, ate together, watched movies together, fought together and really had a nice time, for the most part. I'm not sure we really understood how meaningful it was, the fact that my children were able to spend that much time with their grandparents and parents, probably wasn't "so great" for the teenagers, at the time, but will inevitably, have greater significance as time marches on.

My hope, wish, dream for 2011 is that we get through the next six months, without too much trauma, and we continue to understand and APPRECIATE how important health is. For without it we are rendered invalids, from head to toe.

Happy 2011 to all and may this year bring you continued good health.


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