Wednesday, March 2, 2011

RIP-Herbert S. Heavenrich, 2-23-11

Dear Heavenrich Family --

I can't tell you how sad my whole family is at the loss of Herb. Brian, me, my daughters (and their husbands) and my step-daughter. We know he was old, we know he had a good life, we know you can't expect everything... but damn! We wanted Herb to live on and on. There may have come a time when the walker, the aches and pains, the doctors' visits, the inconveniences he was experiencing in getting around, would come to be not worth it to him... but he seemed never to have reached it! I think he would have continued his ride as long as was possible, if he had a say in it. What a tenacious and life-loving soul. A model for me and for all who knew him.

Brian and I were so happy to have been able to see your mother and father so very recently in early Feb. in Miami. We went to two movies, went out to three dinners, and still never had enough! I will keep those memories in my heart and mind as long as I last. As will Brian. Herb's spirit was undaunted, his wit, his generosity... He made me a lovely speech on my 60th birthday - which is why (or at least a big part of why) we went down there. I needed to talk to the "pros" about how to age gracefully. And it was worth it.

Then Herbie sent me an email after we got home, sort of explicating the text of his speech... referring me to the full Shakespeare sonnet he was quoting from and to various interpretations of it... So Herb. He was such a scholar -- really kind of rabbinical in his way. And so generous with his knowledge and wisdom -- but always unprepossessing about it.

I'll show you the sonnet when i next see you all.

Also... he gave me some "comic valentines" that he'd found on the web and printed up which reminded him of his youth. Comic valentines (not at all sentimental!) One always learning something from the man!!!

Anyway... I could go on and on... as I KNOW you all can. I look forward to sharing some with you and various members of your family when we can.

Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you all -- my whole family is feeling the pain -- and sending love and sympathy. And also acknowledgment that you had one of the seemingly greatest dads I've met. Lucky you.

xo Marie (Kohler) and Brian (Mani)


Sally said...

What a wonderful tribute to your dad, Hope!

Hope Torrents said...

Yes, this is a friend of my parents, about 15-20 years younger, and I love that they both had/have friends of all different ages. I too have some younger and older friends and it makes life so much more interesting!