Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Esther's List:

1. Watching Nathaniel lift his head up off his crib bed first thing in the morning and smile at me as I walk into the room.
2. Eating a bowl of freshly washed blue berries, with a couple of broken walnuts.
3. E-mail from friends and family
4. Laughing out loud at Jim Ward's impersonations on the Stephanie Miller Show
5. Bright sparkly fingernails
6. Crossing over from the mainland to Key Biscayne or Miami Beach with the windows rolled down
7. Putting together a scrap book page layout
8. "Window-shopping" for beautiful old china on e-bay
9. lipstick
10. Browsing and touching! fabrics in a fabric store or quilt store
11. Putting in a cd you really like into the car cd player and then rolling down your window and turning it up LOUD
12. Drinking Lady Earl Grey tea in a bone china tea cup
13. Crunchy peanut butter and cheddar cheese on whole wheat toast served with a cold glass of milk
14. Slipping into a bed that has freshly laundered sheets
15. Massaging your feet with a fragrant moisturizer before you go to sleep
16. Jon Stewart
17. Reading the New York Times Magazine Sunday morning
18. Walking under any flowering tree

Posted on July 28, 2008

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