Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I figured it out!!

So proud that I figured this out without Betsy's help tee hee.

1. My friend Chase's margarita's (the best)
2. Cooking a restaurant-worthy meal with his wife Bonnie
3. Getting a pedicure with my sugar pie Gabsy
4. Watching the waves of the ocean with a killer sunset
5. Listening to the rain
6. My daughter's laugh
7. Outdoor showers....the best
8. The scent of lavender
9. Cuddling a new born babe

-----"Linda Lu"


Hope Poll said...

I'm so glad...I love the fact that people are giving their lists...I'm hoping that as lists are made people will gain insights, for themselves, on how to have doses of 'dailures' (daily pleasures...just made that word up). I am getting great new ideas!

Hope Poll said...

Ooohhh... outdoor showers... yes!!! They're the BEST! Good one, Linda Lu.