Thursday, July 31, 2008

simple things

1. reading my daily text message from holland .. big smiles!!
3am phone calls from holland
2. my morning coffee
3. my dogs playing
4. educating people on the simplicity of protecting their pet with a microchip.. love their AH-HA moments
5. hearing about what cool stuff my nieces and nephews are doing.. little world travelers that they are.
6. watching my garden come to life
7. cutting my lawn..yes.. riding lawn mower, it is so relaxing to me.
8. hearing a song on the radio that i havent heard in EONS
9. figuring out some thing new on my MAC...
10. cutting my neighbors lawn because she is SO busy.
11. wine around my neighbors firepit... even on a hot night.
12. playing with all the puppies and kittens in my vet clinics and getting to go home to older dogs and not being in puppy phase any more ;) kinda like grand kids i guess... play and then send them home.
13. waking up every morning is the best daily pleasure i can ever hope for


Hope Poll said...


I love that you've thought about these kinds of simple pleasures so thoroughly. I'm taking cues from you, and will try to pay more attention to the things, daily, that give me pleasure.

Hope Poll said...

Read the book, The Story of Edgar Sawtell if you love dogs! It also takes place in Wisconsin!