Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dailrags-Unfinished Stories

I'm taking an informal poll, for all those who even look at this blog.  I want to know how many people would buy an inexpensive device that would let them record a story on the radio??  How many times have you been in  your car, listening to a story (say on NPR) and have reached your destination?  You either have to sit in your car, in order to finish listening, or you have to get out, which means you aren't able to listen to the end of your favorite NPR program!  That sucks!  And who wants to take the time to download it from a website?  You may not even be able to find it.  So my suggestion is to create a device, very very 'user friendly', which enables you to record a program, even after the car has been turned off.  The only hitch is how are you gonna be able to do that (without the car running).  So I'm challenging readers of this blog to come up with a way to do this.  I've already got a name for the device, Ra-Vo (like Ti-Vo).  And the caption would be, "What's the Story with Ra-Vo".  Wouldn't that make a great t-shirt????


Sally said...

Hope...I'm torn. On the one hand I think it's a great idea...and a Hope invention! I know exactly what you mean about NPR stories and reports...have sat in my driveway listening. On the other hand, I'm trying to live a simpler life, with less "stuff", less gadgets. So I might not buy one for that reason. However, it goes without saying that if YOU patented it and sold it...I'd buy LOTS!

Hope Torrents said...

I know I know we all need to cut down on that possessing material possession thing but damn I want to make millions (like Pam) on this! However, I don't think it's going to happen, alas and alack. But you wait, no kidding, in a year, there'll be a device, invented by some rich techie. And I will be kicking myself in the pants. It's happened before! I was helping my brother, Adam, who is in mergers and acquisitions of assisted living facilities; trying to find buyers and sellers of ALF in Florida. This was two or three years ago, and I said, "Adam, I've talked to several people who are gay who probably would like to see, in their lifetime an assisted living facility geared towards gays. We could start one and name it GALS (Gay Assisted Living Sites). " He said I was "crazy. Sure as shit, 6 months later, in the New York Times, in the Real Estate Section an article on Gay Assisted Living Facilities and the "need" for them. So I've told my brother about my idea for a device and he said, "I'm starting a blog and it's going to be called 'Bragging Rights' for friends and you who are constantly telling me about great ideas. That way when they do get invented people can say, 'Go to Adam's Blog and you'll see, I thought of that first!'" Not a lot of consolation huh?

Your friendly, neighborhood Blog guru said...

Do it, Hope. The only hitch I can think of (playing devil's advocate here) is that when I have to leave in the middle of a good NPR story, I usually get it from the internet later on. Most everything I have ever wanted to hear is available online. That said, what about people who aren't near their computer or maybe even don't have a computer??