Thursday, July 23, 2009

Invent this!

Again, I'm driving to work, listening to NPR (okay so I'm a NPR addict!) and I hear a story about a woman, in France, who was able to quit her job as a clerk, in a small market (actually she was a cashier) and become a full time writer. She started a blog, after she graduated from college and couldn't find another job, so she became a cashier. The book, which I've forgotten the title to, has just come out in something like six languages. It's freaky how these 'unknowns' are plucked up and become instant celebrities. I KNOW there are millions out there, just like her, who are wanna bes. How is it, other than the correct alignment of the stars, do some just 'luck' out?! Sir Ken Robinson (author of The Element: How Your Passsion Changes Everything) would disspute this. His premise is that there is no such thing as "luck"; that one makes their own luck, by availing themselves of opportunities, and making oneself "ready" for those opportunities, arming, oneself, with the necessary skills to become whatever it is you want to become. But I digress. That is not the point of this entry. Invention is the mother of necessity! I want a device to RECORD those stories and be able to listen to them WHEN I want and WHERE I want.

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