Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dailure-Good Healthcare

Finding a good doctor has made me feel better than I have in MONTHS. And hearing the words: "You will get through this" and "The worst is behind you" from that same doctor restored my faith, a little bit, in medicine. We spent 2 hours with the doctor yesterday. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????? Did everyone hear that two hours with the same doctor? He asked questions, gave us information, tried to piece together Jordi's history, etc... Anyway, we both left the office feeling relieved that his body was in the hands of a good doctor.

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Tracy T said...

Love that. Isn't that warming to your soul? Actually, I have a GYN who some find brusque but when I had a serious problem many years back she took all the time I needed with me -- kinda like your experience. Being there when you need them -- that's a dailure, alright.