Thursday, November 4, 2010


It's been a long time but today I went swimming and it felt great. Just being underwater, breathing, listening to my breath, and focusing on the feel of the water on my skin and the solitude made me feel good. I've also been doing a little yoga/meditation underwater, very therapeutic.


Sally said...

I think you figured out the meditative guru needed! Isn't it amazing how calming it can be...and how quickly we forget what a difference it makes? If only everyone believed us about the benefits of that breathing and quiet focus. Good for you,'s not easy to do when you're in the midst of things, as you are.

Your friendly, neighborhood Blog guru said...

Once upon a time, I'd swim a mile a day. I think it was better therapy then any shrink I ever talked with... and I even liked some of those shrinks! What's your stroke of choice, Hope?

Hope Torrents said...

Boob stroke or as the English say, breast stroke, but when I'm trying to get a bit more aerobic stuff I've been known to do the crawl. It's also nice to yoga kinds of stretches, in the swimming pool, as it seems to be a lot easier for me to get into pretzel-like poses when I'm buoyant.