Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dailure-New Clothes

There's something about putting on brand spanking new clothes that lifts one's spirits. A friend of mine, who has impeccable taste, moved to Colorado. Before she left she told me to "go through my closet and take what you want". Oh my this woman has impeccable taste so it was like going to Loehmann's, only better, because we didn't have to pay! Sophie came with me because her daughter, who also has impeccable taste, left a lot of clothing behind. It was so much fun I'm tempted to open a shop and call it, "My Neighbor's Closet". And her closet, is the size of my bedroom, so it was like being at Loehmanns.

I've also just bought several new outfits for my hubby because he lost a bit of weight when he had surgery. So it's fun to see him kind of light up, when he puts on a brand new shirt and pants.


Sally said...

Our French teacher, who is quite "chic" passes on clothes to me. They are often things she thinks she's going to wear and then decides they're not "her" and passes them on...lucky me! In fact, today I'm wearing some wild high-heeled shoes that she gave me. They have multi-coloured flowers painted on them. I would never have thought of buying them for myself and now I love wearing them!

Tracy T said...

And shoes, don't forget the clothing of our plinth. I have an on-going relationship with Zappos -- send me some fun things to try --presto! -- the next day I have them. And alas, can return them.