Monday, June 28, 2010


Ugh, spent the good part of last night at Baptist Hospital with Jordi. Poor guy had an 'attack'. Turns out he has TWO kidney stones and an infection. I finally left around 1:00 AM, when they were wheeling him in for another test. He called at 5:00 AM and I picked him up and drove him home. He said the emergency room was a "nightmare". There was an old man, who had been taken into the hospital by his grandson. They were having at it. The grandson kept telling his grandfather to "drink the water" or he'd be there for "a month". The grandfather kept saying, "f--k you" other lovely expletives thrown at him. When he ran out of expletives he threw his full glass of water. Grandson kept his cool. Jordi told me later that when the father arrived (or son of grandpa) more shouting ensued. In the next 'room' over (not really rooms because the only separation are curtains) there was a "party". An entire family decided to escort a woman to the emergency room and never stopped laughing and talking. So poor Jordi couldn't even sleep. He could have for the amount of pain killers they pumped into him. We'd all really like to get to the bottom of this. What is causing these kidney stones and attacks of his pancreas? Tomorrow he has an endoscopy procedure. Hopefully sticking a camera down inside will give us some answers?!


Sally said...

Oh Hope, I'm sorry! Poor guy! He's had a hell of a time lately. I hope you get some clear answers soon.

Hope Torrents said...

uThanks Sally. It certainly constitutes the title Dailrag.