Monday, June 21, 2010

'Eye Candy'

World Cup 2010. Apart from the gamesmanship and talent of the players watching the world cup has been pleasurable, because the men are so damn handsome! I mean it's a veritable 'candy store' and I'm the kid that can't make up her mind which piece to 'pick'??!! Ronaldo is adorable but so is Kaka and so are many of the African teams players.

I do get quite excited and don't have a favorite team (although being married to a Spaniard I know where my allegiance should be). I find myself always rooting for the underdog, the 'dark horse' and the little guy. I even found myself shouting for the North Korean team, this morning, when they played Portugal (Ronaldo pant pant). I am really enjoying the fact that it's being televised, daily and because it's a virtual inferno outside, to be able to sit inside, with a cold beer (sometimes) and shout at the 'boob tube' is a lot of fun! And it doesn't cost a dime.


Sally said...

Yes! Ronaldo is most definitely "eye candy", as are other members of the Portuguese team! I haven't been following the soccer very closely until I spotted him smiling that smile this morning. It is a fun game to watch. I will now keep my eyes open for Kaka and the other African players...and oh, yes...the game...I'll pay attention to the game as well.

Hope Torrents said...

A good friend of ours, today, was telling us that he'd seen Ronaldo's house, in Hola. It apparently is BEYOND tacky. Oh well who cares if he has no taste. He's good looking and I guess, from what Elisabet tells me, "a f---ing good soccer player!"