Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Why why why is it so difficult to find a really good pizza in Miami?! Yesterday, Sophie had a 'few' friends come to the house (actually five guys) and we had no food. So I thought I'd order a pizza. It was a huge disappointment. We normally don't have pizza for dinner (except maybe on a weekend) and I now know why. The anticipation of a thin-crusted, cheese-laden, fresh tomato sauce splattered, delectable pie is usually met with sadness. I understand that to consistently put out something 'outstanding' might be a challenge but you'd think someone, somewhere, might have met that challenge in a city as large as Miami? But no, I've tried every possible pizza parlor: Papa John's (bad), Dominos (worse), Miami's Best (not great), Carzolis (okay but the crust is too thick) and even Sir Pizza ($40 bucks for two pizzas and definitely not worth the cost). So I'm at a loss.

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