Saturday, June 26, 2010

Morakami Museum

Went with some friends to visit the Morakami Museum and gardens in Boca Raton today. What gorgeous gardens; filled with native plants, Bonsai, Coy ponds and Zen gardens. It was wonderful, although a bit hot and humid (in the 90's) so the walk was a bit schfitzy. We ate in the cafe, which according to a friend is the "third best museum cafe in the country". The museum is filled with oddities, like models of plastoid animals and creatures that were used in animated cartoons, in Japan. The creatures were varied: one eyed green, pink and purple people eaters and there were several models of the Godzilla. Great day and we ended at the Sandy Beach bar, in Miami Beach, where we watched Ghana defeat the USA, in the World Cup. Sad day for the US but I'm happy for Ghana.

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Sally said...

Sounds like a perfect day!