Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dailure and Dailrag

The fact that Jordi is home from the hospital makes me very happy. He got home last night and he's a lot better; his color is good, he's gained 11 pounds and he has his mind back. He can read and focus, watch television and write. It's all very exciting for him after almost 8 weeks of thinking he'd totally lost his mind. Nothing would stick, he was agitated and in distress. I would imagine that after 55 years of having control over things and suddenly not, would be very very distressing. But the cloud has lifted (thank you no more medications).

The dailrag is the docs still don't know why he's getting infections. They've put their heads together, scratched them and come up with bubkas. So he's home, with a port and will receive daily doses of anti-biotics, which will hopefully kill the little fuckers FOREVER!

The day is gorgeous, 72 degrees, with sunshine and no humidity. I have free tickets to the Art Basel satellite shows and we've already gone, to PULSE, which was fun, edgy, interesting, innovative and more down to earth than the convention center. That place is a zoo. It's filled with art that is supposedly "cutting edge". Nine times out of ten it bores me to death. At least the younger artists, hungry ones, are doing more interesting things. That's my opinion. So today we'll check out SCOPE.

Fun fun fun.

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