Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dailure-lunch with friends

Yesterday, one of the docents, from the art museum, had a lunch, for her good friends. It was so nice! The house was decorated, all holidayish, and there was good food; dips, cheeses, a walnut-blue cheese salad, and a quiche, made from puff-pastry, cheese, rosemary and ham. We drank champagne and talked into the wee hours of the afternoon. What a great escape!


Hope Torrents said...

I just realized how much cheese I ate yesterday. Maybe I should post a dailrag!

Your friendly, neighborhood Blog guru said...

You're from Wisconsin so it's ok to eat a lot of cheese.

Sally said...

Cheese is one of those small things that can be big thins...and chocolate...and champagne. hmmmm...maybe those are big things.