Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Cold air! In Florida, where alligators rule and mosquitos bite, it's rare to have blasts of cold air, for days on end. This morning it is 33 degrees ( with wind chill factor) . Not a big deal if you are wearing a down jacket, gloves and a hat. Not so sure Cleo appreciates it tho. This AM when I took her out to pee her first swipe at it left her a bit stunned. She squatted, lifted herself up, quickly and looked at me as if to say, ' who turned off the heat'. Then she searched around hoping to find warmer blades of grass. What next snow??? That would be heavenly.


Your friendly, neighborhood Blog guru said...

I'm beginning to think that you're going to get snow in FL before we get any up here in New England.

Hope Torrents said...

Nope, it's supposed to get back up into the 70s this weekend.