Thursday, December 16, 2010

DAILRAG-animal hair

we have a dog, a cat, a rabbit, some fish and I'm sure a gazillion cockroaches and mice (thank god I hardly ever see those critters). But I do see, all over the house, everywhere, cat and dog hair. I sit in it. I wear it. And I sometimes eat it, not intentionally. But it's driving us all mad. We have several of those rolly lint removing thing a ma bobs but they take the hair off, sort of, and then five minutes later more hair. The hair is everywhere, and the more I vacuum, the more it appears. It's like spontaneous generation of hair! My husband even went so far as to say, "let's get rid of the dog". That was like saying, "let's get rid of our first born child". It cut me to the core. But I'll tell you when you're eating a sandwich, and you pick up a napkin and wipe your mouth and it fills up with dog hair there's a moment when I say, maybe we SHOULD get rid of the dog.... and the cat...and the rabbit. There's gotta be a better way. Hair today hair tomorrow.


Your friendly, neighborhood Blog guru said...

It's all how you spin it, Hope. Long ago, I could see that I was going to lose the "animal hair battle". It was either my sanity or the dog hair... one of those things have to go. Well, I gave up my sanity. I decided that I would forever ignore dog/cat/Betsy/Joe hair, no matter where it turned up. I could go nuts or accept the hair balls. I opted for the hair balls. Now if I go to someone's house and they DON'T have pet hair, I feel very uncomfortable. Life just ain't right without pet hair.

Hope Torrents said...

I don't mind it on the furniture. I don't mind it on my clothes. But my mouth I definitely mind that. I don't even like sandy sandwiches. So hairy sandwiches, well that just wigs me out. Pun intended.

Your friendly, neighborhood Blog guru said...

You're so fussy (or is it fuzzy?).