Sunday, April 18, 2010

Clinton Global Initiative

The second annual Clinton Global Initiative took place at the University of Miami.  Bill Clinton began this project with the intent to encourage young people with 'ideas' to go forward.  The ideas range from building a car that gets 200 miles to the gallon to help plant sustainable gardens, in Haiti (two students from Miami).  The CGI foundation gives funds to these students to get started.  I went to hear him and these students talk about how they got started.  One student, from the University of Penn. has started an NGO in the West Bank (he's an Orthodox Jew), giving microcredit to Palestinian entrepreneurs.  The idea, brilliant, in my opinion, is that if these people can have lives that they "want to get out of bed for", less turmoil goes on in that region and better for Israel (he's a self-proclaimed "Zionist").  So far he's given out something like 100 loans, 95% of them have been paid back.  Clinton was amazing; funny, charming and passionate.  You can't help but love the guy!

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Sally said...

And smart too. I saw him on the Sunday morning ABC news program this morning. He speaks so well and makes sense.