Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hanging at the House

I must say that just hanging out, lately, with my 16-year old daughter has been really nice. She seems to be turning into a lovely and thoughtful girl and our conversations run the gambit, from 'boys' to what's been going on in Haiti, to living in Spain. She has started talking to me about her hopes her dreams and her aspirations; which also run the gambit, from "nothing" to "medicine". It's hard to believe that I only have two more years with her at home. Then she's off. It'll be really nice to have Elisabet at home, this summer. Can't wait to see what the dynamics of three women, together, will be.


Sally said...

I'm envious that you will have both girls home this summer. I miss my chats with Alexandra and she is only going to be home for a couple of weeks. How wonderful that you've reached that point with Sophie!

Hope Torrents said...

where will she be this summer? Still in Spain? Lucky her. Why don't you go and visit? We're off to Spain May 6th. I cannot wait!