Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Egg in a hole

Most mornings (school) I make my son and myself an egg in a hole. On really 'special' days I'll make bacon. It's wonderful and something my step-son taught us. Take a piece of bread, make a hole, and drop the egg in. So easy and so good. Instead of carping to my children, about 'how important breakfast is', I thought I'd let them learn by example so I sit down, with them and have the same breakfast. I do think that breakfast tastes great (combined with that first cup of coffee!).


Your friendly, neighborhood Blog guru said...

We call it "a hole in one". My Brit friend calls it "toad in the hole".

I eat em for dinner.

Hope Torrents said...

"Toad in a hole"?

Sally said...

Yes, I confirm that it is "Toad in a Hole".