Thursday, April 29, 2010

Daily Drag (that seemed to drag on and on and on...)

Yesterday, April 28, 2010

The day went from bad to worse. It started with my husband yelling at me bc I filled out the census form and "shouldn't have included Elisabet bc she goes to college and doesn't actually live here anymore!" Then I got yelled at a couple of docents (volunteers) because I mucked up a tour. Then a great friend, giving a tour,doing a fantastic job, got angry (rightfully so because I upstaged her). So I ended up taking her to lunch and spent the hour trying to make things right.

She sent me an email and this is what I wrote back (she thought I should submit it to some publication but the blog is just as good):

Thanks Esther. My only got worse; starting with the dog,
> jumping out of the car, when we went to the 'doggie' park, and
> possibly tearing a ligament. I had to take her (actually Sophie and
> Daniel carried her) the 'Emergency Pet Room', where they 'felt'
> her leg and gave me two prescriptions. The bill came to $134.00.
> My credit card didn't work and they didn't accept checks so I had to
> phone Jordi to come and pay the 'nice' people. He got all crazy
> because they wouldn't accept his credit card "over the phone" and
> decided he was going to Go Postal on them. So I took the kids and
> high tailed it out. He didn't end up Going Postal but is pretty
> angry, again, at me. That all was followed by a melt down from
> Daniel. Actually, we ended up having a fantastic discussion! I asked
> him to "explain to me the difference between one paint ball gun and
> the other". The other being $300 more than the second, which was
> replaced by the first, which he said "wasn't efficient enough".
> Anyway, the kid KNOWS paintball guns and all of their features. At
> least I know he's learning something. We ended up agreeing that he is
> very capable and will earn the money, on his own, to buy that gun
> (even tho I don't like it). I told him I would "help" make signs to
> advertise him. He will try and give young kids drum lessons over the
> summer. He was good with this idea. Man, is it hard to raise kids.
> But I really felt a break
> through and I think your advice about helping out really helped.
> Thanks.
> So I'm am up, at 5:30, ready to face a day that I am SURE will be much
> much better than yesterday. Hope you have a good one with Daniel.

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