Friday, August 29, 2008

V pleasures

Victoria's Simple Pleasures (in no particular order):
Playing with a child.
Getting a shampoo or massage!
Sleeping with my cat snuggled next to me (extra points if it is a nap during a storm!)
Having a really good workout.
Wine-- the smell, the taste, the look, everything.
A new book from one of the authors I follow waiting for me at the library.
Feeling healthy!
A clean house.
Playing with a puppy.
A homemade cheeseburger with grilled Vidalia onion on a toasted Kaiser with dijon and ketchup!
Getting together with the girls in Milwaukee!
Helping someone.


Hope Poll said...

I love your list! Thank you. The pic of you is wonderful too!

Anonymous said...

Who is the kidlet, Vic??

--Betsy the WeBe