Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Simple Pleasures that I take Joy in Today:

1. Snuggling up with our daughters Malti-pom at night
2. Walking 2.7 miles with no pain in my knees
3. Celebrating 25 years of marriage in June
4. Being happy about celebrating 25 years of marriage!
5. Making a commitment to my health
6. Loosing 4 inches off my waist as a result of my commitment to health
7. Watching my Aunt with Alzheimers be her old self when she played with the retired     greyhound at her Assisted Living Home. (Bless her soul)
8. Having evolved enough to enjoy the simple pleasures each day brings ;-)
9. Did I mention my kids?  23, 20 and 13.  Today they bring simple pleasures....tomorrow they   could be bringing home more dogs! (Especially my 23 yr old, who has two already....,and           moved  home!!)
10. Knowing that tomorrow is a new day and I can follow my dreams

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Hope Poll said...


Thank you for your contribution to the list. I really enjoyed reading them. Congratulations on 25 years and hats off for opening up your nest and heart to your returning brood.