Friday, August 8, 2008

Our endeavors that treasure our daily pleasures

Good days are brought by good hearted people.

My mornings include a small dog that sleeps more then I do sometimes and a woman who is very special to me. Here is a small list of what we all enjoy.

1. Having a tea and being outside if its not snowing with a smoke.
2. Walking around and tidying up the house here and there
3. Calling the Girlfriend to make sure she got to work on time and making a plan for the day
4. Reheating my tea as it is cold at this point now
5. Making the bed and maybe stare at my phone to see if there is any one else I should call... usually no one.
6. Thinking about my dog that is at my mothers who I miss and wish I could have him with me but he is a happy pup with mom... for now I guess. (my dog is very important to me)
7. Looking at my watch as time for me shortens but I still do not seem to get it into gear.
8. Sitting on the couch ignoring the fact that I have to get ready in about two minutes or I will be late.
9. Finding something else to procrastinate with ....
10. Noticing I actually had something really important to do and rushing to accomplish it before I actually am late.
11. Getting dressed followed by forgetting I have to make a lunch. Then I try and rationalize not to make one because I can buy one but then I waste my pennies which could be saved.
12. Hurrying to make the damn lunch and get out of the house asap.
13. Having the rest of the cold tea in the car as I drive getting every red light possible
14. Making it to work with seconds to spare and getting on the computer to right my babe an email saying I made it to work on time and will see her at days end.
15. My girlfriend receiving the email. 

So those are some of my and a couple of her endeavors that treasure the daily pleasures in our life. There is a lot more within the week. Walking the two dogs and making long distance phone calls to family or cutting lawns for my family while spending time with them etc... I will leave it for another day.

What are yours??


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Hope Poll said...


I like that you take time to enjoy your mornings...its evident in the way you've made your list.