Friday, August 8, 2008

Sophie's Simple Sweet Pleasures:

1. having a good dessert
2. being with friends
3. playing tennis well
4. listening to music
5. having animals around
6. painting my nails
7. dinner with my family
8. buying clothes
9. swimming
10. watching movies
11. reading

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Margaret said...

Margaret's Simple Pleasures

1. The euphoria after a tough work out.
2.Watching sail boats race, especially if my children are sailing them.
3.Making the first footsteps in fresh snow.
4.Learning something new.
6.Eating vanilla ice cream with fresh, super juicy peaches in August.
7.Taking pictures.
8.Watching my children as they finally "get it".
9.Hugging my husband.
10. A nice glass of wine.