Saturday, August 2, 2008

I sent out an email on July 26, 2008, asking friends and family to make a list. I was just curious because in these days of austerity, cut backs, lay offs, sky rocketing gas prices and general corporate greed, it seemed like a nice idea to have a list of the small things that we all can 'afford'. The list consisted of 'simple pleasures', things that we might do on a daily basis that give us joy, nothing extravagant or expensive. I wanted people to be frank, in other words, if they really enjoyed smelling the roses, great, but it had to be 'real' pleasure.

My list started out pretty small but after viewing some wonderful responses I decided to 'try' out some of the responses. So here's my amended list:

1. my first sip of coffee in the morning
2. swimming laps and breathing deeply
3. fresh berries on my cereal
4. checking my email messages first thing in the AM
5. reading the NY Times
6. reading The New Yorker magazine (sometimes I don't get to issues for months but I can always find a new article)
7. listening to my son try and figure out a song on the piano
8. dinner with my husband and kids (even if we have heated discussions)
9. getting an email from somebody I haven't heard from for a long time
10. walking to the ocean especially when it's early morning and the water is like 'glass'

There have been many additions....thanks to friends and family. I'm hoping that I will get more idea from other people's lists.


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